Scott and BR Commercial Free Uncensored Podcast #8

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Scott and BR are back for another podcast while the Padres finish their 3 game series in Pittsburgh. Today they are joined by Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis to discuss the city pushing forward with a public vote for a new stadium in January despite the Chargers leaving the negotiations table. They also get a rundown of what is happening at Comic Con and around downtown with Channel 10’s Jeff Lasky.



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In today’s podcast i ask a very important question to those who choose to practice racist action on a college campus while cheering for the things you claim to hate so much. This one has some fire

Cavalier LeBron James

Queen Lebron returns and Starbucks you know i had to!

In todays podcast I cover this weekends NBA playoff matches. The return of queen James. If you know me you know i had to cover this Starbucks situation in Philadelphia.Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayComments comments

The Cotton Pickers Mind

Last night Russell Westbrook made NBA history and today his name is be slighted. On today’s podcast i tell you why the wrong person writing HIS-story can be dangerous. Plus why Brain Davis should’t be fired for

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