Scott and BR Commercial Free Uncensored Podcast #8

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Scott and BR are back for another podcast while the Padres finish their 3 game series in Pittsburgh. Today they are joined by Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis to discuss the city pushing forward with a public vote for a new stadium in January despite the Chargers leaving the negotiations table. They also get a rundown of what is happening at Comic Con and around downtown with Channel 10’s Jeff Lasky.



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Urban Meyer, Ohio State, Kevin McGuire

Urban Legend

On today’s podcast we try to get our mind rapped around what Urban Mayer was thinking with this coach who beat his wife. I come clean about why i have a large dislike for Ray Lewis. and

Tell me why you mad!

On today’s Podcast we talk: Anthem issue pop up again! Whats going on in Wisconsin with the fans? Why it’s OK for some and not the rest when it comes to public life as an athlete! Tell