Scott Lewis on takeaways from the City’s stadium proposal, feasibility & conflicting polls

Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis on feasibility of the City of San Diego’s stadium proposal, conflicting fan polls by the Chargers & City & why window is closing on downtown.



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4 thoughts on “Scott Lewis on takeaways from the City’s stadium proposal, feasibility & conflicting polls

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    NFL football is in demonstrable DECLINE in some markets. It has been in decline in the San Diego sports market for a number of years now. You are all in SERIOUS DENIAL here. WAKE UP! Soccer is the future of sports in the U.S. NFL football isn’t going to disappear, but it is finally peaking out in many markets and in serious DECLINE in others like San Diego.

  2. Cecil Treadwell

    There is absolutely no reason to build a new sports stadium for a NFL football team in San Diego. This is the city where the popularity of NFL football has been in DEMONSTRABLE DECLNE for a number of years now. So sad that we have a mayor who is blind to this reality. So sad that so many city council members are also oblivious to this. SOCCER is the strongest sport presence in San Diego. SOCCER is the future of San Diego far more than NFL football is. We need a new SOCCER STADIUM in San Diego. Let the Chargers use it 10 days each year and let SOCCER fans otherwise fill it to capacity month after month all year long.

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  4. DonWood

    Prediction: The NFL will let the Rams move to LA in a new Inglewood stadium, and will
    require that the Rams let the Raiders move to LA and share the new stadium. The NFL will charge the Rams and the Raiders a very large relocation approval fee, and will use some of that fee to help Spanos build a new Chargers stadium in San Diego.