Scott Sherman on Mark Fabiani’s politcal games

City Councilman for Mission Valley Scott Sherman joined Scott and BR and shared his skepticism about what exactly Mark Fabiani and the Chargers have been planning all along here in San Diego while making moves to end up in LA.



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One thought on “Scott Sherman on Mark Fabiani’s politcal games

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    It is time to stop wasting time negotiating with the shameless Spanos family!!!
    It is now time to look to the future of sports in San Diego.
    SOCCER is the FUTURE.
    The current 166-acre Qualcomm Stadium site is HUGE and represents a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to build the NEXT GENERATION MULTI-PURPOSE SPORTS STADIUM that will meet the FULL SPECTRUM of SPORTS NEEDS within the San Diego community and beyond.
    The OPERATIONAL MODEL San Diego should study and emulate is the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona where the most recent Super Bowl was played.
    We have plenty of room to have at least TWO portable natural turf fields parked outside the stadium proper in order to soak up maximum hours of sunshine each day and be in tip top shape for game day.
    The field in Glendale, Arizona takes about an hour for electric motors to roll it inside the stadium.
    It is a little over 2 acres. The parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium is 122 acres.
    More than enough room for TWO full width portable SOCCER fields and TWO portable American style FOOTBALL fields.
    I fully expect the MAGLEV technology currently being applied by San Diego’s own General Atomics on the next generation aircraft carriers to be a potential breakthrough for moving these massive fields around in a number of different directions instead of in a single linear direction.
    Do we have City Council Members and a Mayor who are TRUE VISIONARIES?
    The biggest ongoing ASSET San Diego has is our MAGNIFICENT WEATHER.
    We can take that asset to the bank year after year if we know how to fully harness it.
    A properly designed NEXT GENERATION MULTI PURPOSE SPORTS STADIUM COMPLEX would be the envy of the nation and the rest of the world as well.
    The Super Bowl could be played every FOUR years or so here.
    SOCCER tournaments and championship matches would keep a modern stadium filled to capacity far more times than the CHARGERS ever could.
    San Diego State could play their home games there.
    But the sport of SOCCER would be far and away the main engine driving optimum attendance there.
    The CHARGERS need to swallow their pride and realize that the popularity of American style football in San Diego will soon be DWARFED by the popularity of SOCCER.
    The Mayor and City Council members must be fully cognizant of these PERMANENT TRENDS as well.
    The CHARGERS franchise should have minimal leverage in deciding the future of spectator sports in San Diego because the sports needs of the ENTIRE San Diego community are so much greater than what they alone provide for.
    The Spanos family is trying to do everything on the cheap with the citizens of San Diego ending up paying the tab for what essentially is a FARM TEAM being passed off as a Super Bowl contender.
    The SELFISH ARROGANCE of the Spanos family makes them the BANE of San Diego AND the NFL.
    Letting the sport of SOCCER hold its rightful place as the CENTERPIECE sport in San Diego holds the key for San Diego to get optimum revenues from SOCCER events as well as from a full spectrum of other sports and non sport events in a stadium with a field space that can have the playing fields pulled outside the stadium proper.
    The current Women’s World Cup being played in Canada demonstrates how important it is to build sports infrastructure projects designed to give women’s sports equal access to those facilities.
    Pursuing it from this angle would open up the possibility of securing a whole range of funding that, combined with corporate funding, would pay for the entire project.
    This is a real possibility, but the CHARGERS franchise under the Spanos family is a major distraction from that GREATER VISION.