Should San Diego let the Chargers go?

Neil deMause talks with Darren Smith about the financial impact of losing a professional sports team and why public money shouldn’t be used to build a stadium.



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13 thoughts on “Should San Diego let the Chargers go?

  1. Inkydan

    I would love to see an example of a city that lost a growing multi billion dollar industry and was better off for it. And keep in mind that there has not been a single city in the modern era that has lost an NFL franchise that did not pay 4 times as much to get one back. This train of thought is ridiculous. Losing the Chargers will be an huge crush to the local economy and they are a business that will never be replaced.

  2. Cecil Treadwell

    Baloney! Baloney! BALONEY!!!!
    You sure weren’t listening very closely. But you are so indicative of the selfish Chargers fans who don’t care about the people of San Diego paying for their CHARGER FIX. Having the CHARGERS leave town will be a boon to the local economy. The plan to annex the Qualcomm site to a San Diego State campus expansion along with an Aztec Stadium that can also be used for soccer represents a far more lucrative solution for the City of San Diego. Your passion for the CHARGERS makes you blind to the truth.

  3. Cecil Treadwell

    The Chargers ARE NOT a “…growing multi-billion dollar industry…”!!!! They aren’t even worth one billion dollars. And most of the worth of Alex Spanos is wrapped up in the value of the CHARGERS. An equity billionaire, but just barely!
    The Spanos owned Chargers are a PARASITIC DRAIN on San Diego.
    The sport industry that is genuinely “…a growing multi-billion dollar industry…” is the sport of SOCCER. What San Diego needs is a modern SOCCER stadium that will stay filled with spectators ALL YEAR LONG. The Chargers play at Qualcomm Stadium 10 days each year. That’s it. Stop hallucinating!!!!

  4. Cecil Treadwell

    SOCCER is the FUTURE. Soccer is the NEW REALITY for San Diego. SOCCER is the true multi-billion dollar industry that is EXPLODING IN POPULARITY especially in the San Diego market. We are witnessing the sport of football topping out and the popularity of SOCCER passing it up at a very high rate of speed, INDEED!
    SOCCER is well on its way to DWARFING football in popularity within the San Diego market and beyond.
    San Diego needs a new SOCCER STADIUM the Chargers can use 10 days each year.
    The NFL is a little mouse next to the HUGE GLOBAL SPORT of SOCCER!
    It will soon be tHat way in the U.S. as well.
    GET USED TO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cecil Treadwell

    Hasn’t anyone been watching the World Cup?! For crying out loud! More people in the U.S. watched the final match on television than any other soccer final. And San Diego had the third largest television audience behind Kansas City and St. Louis. That is far more than a strong hint that the CHARGERS have become more of a thing of the past and the sport of SOCCER is undeniably the NEW FUTURE for San Diego.
    Why isn’t anyone paying attention and learning from what is happening with soccer in places like Seattle and Portland, Oregon where they don’t have anywhere near the good weather we have in San Diego and yet their men’s and women’s soccer teams are thriving.
    The Spanos family are the biggest DOWNER and OBSTACLE in the way of San Diego being able to meet the sum total of its own sports needs.
    The sports needs of San Diego will be met PRIMARILY through the sport of SOCCER.
    Good riddance CHARGERS.

  6. Cecil Treadwell

    Letting the Chargers go will be an absolute blessing because we will be getting rid of one of the most uncooperative and intransigent owners since Al Davis.
    It will also be a blessing because we can start with a clean slate and no longer be pressured by such a distastefully demanding Spanos family.

  7. Cecil Treadwell

    Women’s sports need to receive far more playing time than they have traditionally been granted because the boy’s and men’s sports have monopolized most sports facilities. How does this get rectified in short order? The funding of these facilities must be shared although taxpayer money has come equally from women from the start anyway. A different attitude about EQUAL ACCESS TO and EQUAL USAGE OF these sports facilities is needed combined with conditional funding from different sources that stipulate this as a pre-condition in writing. SOCCER happens to be the sport most capable of eventually generating a relatively equal following in live attendance and television viewership. Former soccer players of both sexes are enthusiastic spectators of all professional soccer events including those involving women’s teams. If the Chargers leave town and the Mission Valley property is annexed by SDSU, there is nonetheless a plan that features a moderate stadium designed for the Aztec football team AND SOCCER. Soccer is a sport that would have that stadium filled with spectators almost all year round as opposed to the only 10 days each year a NFL team would fill it.

  8. Cecil Treadwell

    NFL teams willing to eventually play second or even third fiddle to a men’s MLS team and/or a women’s professional soccer team are far more likely to have access to a SHARED USAGE STADIUM that would have SHARED FUNDING for its construction.
    San Diego is a city where the passion for the sport of soccer is far greater than the passion for NFL football. This disparity will grow wider with each passing year. If Dean Spanos was smart, he would find a way to harness the passion for soccer in San Diego as a way of funding a modern multi-use sports stadium. Seahawks owner Paul Allen also owns the Portland Trailblazers and a minority stake of the Sounders soccer team.
    The CHARGERS would start out playing first fiddle in terms of attendance, but witness the sport of soccer unmistakably overtake it in overall popularity and attendance. Not a problem. Not a threat. The Chargers would still have use of the stadium the 10 days out of the year they would need it or a couple more if they made the playoffs.
    The Qualcomm Stadium site is 166 acres. The parking lot is 122 acres. The portable Bermuda grass field at the University of Phoenix Stadium is a little more than 2 acres.
    The Qualcomm Stadium site has more than enough room to easily accommodate TWO or more of these portable fields. One or more for SOCCER and one or more for football.
    San Diego has the potential to be the #1 destination for FRIENDLY SOCCER MATCHES, the men’s AND women’s World Cup, college bowl games, the Super Bowl, high school football championship games, etc. The Qualcomm site represents a WIN – WIN – WIN solution for all concerned if we can match its potential with the full spectrum of the sports needs of San Diego. Are you listening Dean Spanos?

  9. Eliel Lopez

    Yes ! Let them go, all the way to L.A. ! They are blocking potential progress here in San Diego !

  10. Ryan Schulze

    Let the NFL go now, before they fall. Investing in a new stadium for a sport that’s only going to lose ground and a player base over the next couple decades is a losing proposition. With all the parents that now keep their kids out of football, the fan base and player base for the sport will continue to erode, while other sports grow.

  11. Cecil Treadwell

    SOCCER is the sport the majority of San Diegans love far more than they love NFL football. The ‘potential progress’ they are blocking is a more realistic and more prudent use of the 166-acre Qualcomm site for the construction of a modern multi-use stadium built primarily around the sport of SOCCER, but versatile enough to be used for football and other sports like Rugby, and LaCrosse.