Sileo is fed up with stadium talk!

Check out what Dan Sileo as well as Joe Tutino think of all the recent stadium discussions.



4 thoughts on “Sileo is fed up with stadium talk!

  1. Jorge Arteaga

    A complete EIR Will be needed, because the “NEW stadium plan” includes lots of NEW STRUCTURES , INCLUDING PARKING LOT BUILDINGS , RETAIL BUILDINGS, possible Residential condos/buildings , etc . This isn’t just remove and replace ONE stadium . If it was , then I would think the current EIR would be sufficient . It’s going to take a complete EIR = 18 months .

  2. Troy

    You can wait for the other business to move in and do another EIR. The mayor already said he can do this stadium for stadium.

  3. Jorge Arteaga

    I don’t believe a la carte EIRs is possible , given that the financing plan given by casg included all the stated development on the current site . If they try to piece meal it , there will be challenges by the different envo groups etc. leading to drawn out delays as was the case in the downtown saga . Just because a politician says so , doesn’t make it legal , or else we would be in downtown already .