Todd Gloria: “The vote yesterday was a waste of $2.1 million dollars”

City Councilman Todd Gloria voted against the EIR vote yesterday he joined Scott and BR to talk about why he thinks it was a bad decision.



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2 thoughts on “Todd Gloria: “The vote yesterday was a waste of $2.1 million dollars”

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    The SUM TOTAL of the sports needs of San Diego should be considered before designing and funding a new stadium complex. Designing and building a stadium primarily for the needs of the CHARGERS is ultimate absurdity. The CHARGERS are only going to need that stadium 10 days out of the year. The sport of SOCCER can have a stadium filled with spectators 50 days or more each year. This is the key to funding a new stadium complex without having to do it on the backs of the taxpayers in San Diego. The modern multi-use stadium San Diego should study and emulate is the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The genius of this particular stadium lies in its portable Bermuda grass field that rolls outside the stadium to soak up optimum hours of sunlight each day for almost 2 weeks between games. It is the home field of the NFL Phoenix Cardinals and the field that last year’s Super Bowl was played on. San Diego has enough room to take this design one step further and have at least TWO portable Bermuda grass fields. One full width SOCCER field and one narrower football field.
    We desperately need a men’s MLS team and a women’s professional SOCCER team in San Diego. San Diego can be the world’s #1 destination for FRIENDLY MATCHES in SOCCER. It can also be a host stadium for the men’s and women’s World Cup.
    SOCCER is the FUTURE in San Diego and has far more REVENUE GENERATING POTENTIAL here than NFL football.

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