USA vs. Mexico – What does it mean for Klinsmann?

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Darren Smith and Jordan Carruth welcome Mark Zeigler to the Unnamed Soccer Podcast.

Episode 7 includes stories from Tijuana, USA vs. Mexico analysis, Klopp to Liverpool and much, much more.





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2 thoughts on “USA vs. Mexico – What does it mean for Klinsmann?

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  2. Mikali

    Bradley was fired because the US didn’t qualify for the Olympics, was 0-2 in Gold Cups and lost three straight to Mexico by an 11-3 aggregate.

    Rightly or wrongly, Klinsmann is being held to a higher standard. For me, I’ll take the Klinsmann standard over both his predecessor’s and everything the Klinsmann lynch mob has proposed.

    Yes, the team is having a bad summer and should lose to Mexico on Saturday. But I’ll take that in exchange for the 6 in a row without a loss we currently have and our first win ever in Mexico against Mexico.

    Nor will only get any easier as the Olympic Champions graduate to and push the other players on the Mexican National Team. Again, I’ll take Klinsmann over the alternatives because we’re not going to have an advantage in skill, talent or player development for decades.