Vincent Bonsignore on criticism with Oakland’s stadium plan & why NFL won’t delay team in LA

Daily News Vincent Bonsignore on widespread criticism with Oakland’s stadium proposal, why NFL said no on idea of delaying LA decision and Dean’s relationship with Kroenke.



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6 thoughts on “Vincent Bonsignore on criticism with Oakland’s stadium plan & why NFL won’t delay team in LA

  1. Mark Viguri

    LA Rams can’t wait! The San Diego Chargers need to be playing in the Super Bowl Quality Phoenix stadium not the dumps in LA while the New ‘Q’ is built.

  2. Cecil Treadwell

    A new ‘Q’ MUST be designed primarily around the sport of SOCCER which will generate far more revenue than the CHARGERS ever will or could. And for far more months out of the year too!
    San Diego can’t afford to live in the past by building a new stadium around the NARROW NEEDS of the Spanos family or an NFL franchise.
    Clear the decks and build a modern stadium complex that looks to the future.
    And don’t make the mistake of not including women’s sports on an equal footing for design and usage.
    This could hold the key to accessing funding earmarked for the promotion of opportunities for women.
    Don’t mention the University of Phoenix Stadium without understanding how it represents the design that San Diego should follow when building a new multi-use stadium much like it, BUT with at least TWO portable natural grass fields that roll in and out of the stadium proper.
    San Diego is long overdue for a men’s MLS team and a women’s professional SOCCER team.

  3. DM Rossi

    Memo to Spanos and mouthpiece Fabiani;
    The Chargers are NOT wanted in Los Angeles and if they relocate they WILL flop!

    Los Angeles Rams ONLY!

  4. rickochey

    i dont care where they play as long a they are the San Diego Chargers. Giants/Jets both play in Jersey… yuck

  5. Cecil Treadwell

    A WIN – WIN – WIN SOLUTION is possible for all concerned provided we build the same kind of stadium as the University of Phoenix Stadium.
    A stadium being modified or built PRIMARILY for the CHARGERS would be a big bust in the context of the EXPLODING popularity of SOCCER.
    The CHARGERS need to play at the University of Phoenix Stadium for the next 4 or 5 years while San Diego builds the kind of stadium that should be built here.
    CHARGER fans are dialed in to their own NARROW SELFISH INTEREST that excludes or overlooks the full range of sports interests within the San Diego community.
    That is a bankrupt old paradigm the City of San Diego should not tolerate or fall for.