Daily Links: Chargers crop out military member, part of American flag, ‘San Diego’ in photo

Scott Kaplan weighs in on the latest public relations gaffe by the Chargers, Channel 10 Reporter on how the Chargers were able to receive a TFR even though their stadium does not hold 30,000 fans, an autopsy confirmed a 12-year NFL veteran had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, just as a brain scan four years before his death had indicated, and more in today’s Morning Mighty!

Daily Links: Aztecs MBB begin season with new ‘focus’

First-year Aztecs MBB Head Coach Brian Dutcher on how deep his roster is this year, and what the starting lineup and rotation may look like, sports editors of the U-T Jay Posner explains why the newspaper still covers the Chargers, Jerry Jones says NFL owners were misled about Roger Goodell’s contract negotiations, Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension is back on after he was denied an injunction by a federal appeals court in New York on Thursday, and more in today’s Morning Mighty!

Daily Links: Jerry Jones threatens to sue NFL over Roger Goodell contract

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatens to sue the NFL over Roger Goodell’s pending contract, Rocky Long on why he think’s the new December signing window will help San Diego State, Padres owner Peter Seidler on the organization stepping up in the absence of the Chargers and why he’s excited for the future, why Philip Rivers and the Chargers will have a much tougher task in beating the Jaguars than in previous years, and more in today’s Morning Mighty!